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12U B    2018/19    Roster
Coaches:  Connor Fenech (Head)
  Michael Biester (Assistant) and Gary Bortolloto (Assistant) and
  Allen Collins (Assistant)
Manager:  Yen-Ming Chen

#   Player Born   City
45 ADAMS, Shaun 07/06 San Jose
8 BIESTER, Nathan 12/06 San Jose
94 CADEDDU, Theodore 11/07 Los Altos
32 CARASH, Jeovanni 08/07 San Jose
3 CHAU, Garrick 11/07 Saratoga
18 CHEN, Aydan 07/07 Palo Alto
21 CHEN, Felix 06/07 Stanford
67 CHO, Athena 09/07 Palo Alto
7 COLLINS, Maia 04/07 San Jose
12 GEMETTI, Patrick 10/07 Saratoga
31 LENZ, Timothe 06/06 Los Gatos
34 MACHATZKE, Marko 10/07 Los Altos Hills
97 STOCKWELL, Shaun 09/07 San Jose
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