Cougars 2019-20 Travel Teams and Team Practices  8/13
Tryouts are complete, and the classification of the Cougars Travel Teams is finalized.

Please make sure to visit the teams' home pages for ongoing updates and announcements, and practice times.
The Vallco master practice schedule can be viewed at:

2019/20 Cougars Practice Schedules

Cougars Pay Pal Payment Buttons for 2019/20 Travel Teams  8/9
The Cougars season fees for the 2019/20 season are:

8U Teams
Full payment plan of $1,749
5-month payments of $350 each for 5 months

10U and 12U Teams
Full payment plan of $3,249
5-month payments of $650 each for 5 months

14U and 16U Teams
Full payment plan of $3,299
5-month payments of $660 each for 5 months

Once your child has been selected on a team, please choose your child's team's online payment button:

2019/20 8U Team Pay Pal Payment Buttons
2019/20 10U and 12U Teams Pay Pal Payment Buttons
2019/20 14U and 16U Teams Pay Pal Payment Buttons

Cougars 2019/20 Holiday Tournament Schedules  9/14
Schedules will get updated as new information becomes available.

NORCAL Electronic Scoreboard - a Tutorial  9/5
Please note that Vallco, like all NORCAL clubs, uses the computer-based Electronic Scoreboard for all games.

The touch-screen computer remains at the rink at all times, and is hooked up to the scoreboard right before the game. It is quite easy to use, and we encourage all parents to learn the system.

For your convenience, we are posting a youtube video with detailed instructions on how to use the system.

Time To Score, Inc. Tutorial - Full Version

Support the Cougars with eScrip (id #5289256)  8/22
Interested in getting additional information or registering for the program?  Visit  We're Friends of the Cougars (id #5289256), and we'd love your support!

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Updated September 8, 2019

Upcoming Cougars Events
Saturday Sep 28 Mites Jamboree #1 (Livermore)
October 5 - 6 2019-2020 Regular Season Games Begin
Saturday Nov 16 Mites Jamboree #2 (Oakland)
Nov 27 - Dec 2 Thanksgiving Tournaments
Dec 26 - Dec 31 Winter Break Tournaments
Saturday Jan 11 Mites Jamboree #3 (Stockton)
Jan 17 - Jan 20 MLK Day Tournaments
Feb 15 - Feb 17 Presidents Day Tournaments
Saturday Feb 22 Mites Jamboree #4 (Livermore)
Feb 29 - Mar 1 Regular Season Ends
Mar 13 - Mar 15 NORCAL Playoffs
Mar 27 - Mar 29 CAHA State Playoffs

Cougars Sep. 22-23 Schedule
Date Team Result  
Sat. 9/21 10U (1) San Francisco (1) 3  Cougars 2  View scoresheet
Sun. 9/22 10U (1) Cougars 5  Oakland (1) 3  View scoresheet
Sun. 9/22 12U (1) San Francisco (1) 2  Cougars 0  View scoresheet
Sat. 9/21 12U (2) Santa Rosa (1) 11  Cougars 1  View scoresheet
Sun. 9/22 14U (1) Cougars 9  Santa Rosa 1  View scoresheet
Sat. 9/21 16U A Santa Clara 6  Cougars 3  View scoresheet
Sun. 9/22 16U A Cougars 9  Oakland 1  View scoresheet

Cougars Sep. 29-30 Schedule
Date Team Result  
[V] Vallco    

California Cougars

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