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#   Player Born   City
16 ARBULU, Anthony 07/92 San Francisco, CA
91 ATANGAN, Nate 10/91 So. San Francisco, CA
3 BALBON, Bryce 12/92 San Mateo, CA
14 BLYTHE, Justin 03/92 San Jose, CA
6 GEBLER, Brian 03/91 San Mateo, CA
13 GERARD, Benjamin 11/91 San Francisco, CA
17 HARRIS, Buck 01/92 San Jose, CA
40 HARRISON, Duncan 10/91 Redwood City, CA
21 KELSON, Alex 10/91 San Carlos, CA
86 KleinSmid, Justin 02/91 San Jose, CA
47 MAYORKIS, Alex 04/92 Foster City, CA
10 McCARTY, Jake 09/92 Redwood City, CA
37 MOORE, Shelley 12/92 San Jose, CA
44 PACHECO, Mario 08/92 San Jose, CA
33 SESEK, Peter 02/92 Los Altos, CA
11 TJAN, Ryan 07/91 Foster City, CA
40 WONG, Anissa 10/92 Burlingame, CA
94 WHITE, Derek 03/92 San Mateo, CA
19 WINCHESTER, Darryl "Jr" 08/92 Foster City, CA
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