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Team Contacts
Head Coach:
  Jeff Moon
Assistant Coach:
Assistant Coach:
  Jose Bedolla
Team Manager:
  Linda Harrison
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  Teresa Gebler


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 Recent Games
Date vs. Result
03/25 Capital Thunder
Championship Game
W 1-0
03/24 Stockton Colts W 5-0
03/24 Oakland Bears W 3-1
03/23 Capital Thunder W 4-0
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Cougars are Victors in Vacaville!

March 25th

Just when our team thought the season was over, we have a second opportunity to prove our worth at the playoffs in Vacaville.  With 10 days' notice our team readied itself to face Roseville, Oakland, and Stockton.

An observation by a Jr. Shark Pee Wee to a teammate that was overheard says it all.  "Those are the Midgets (on the ice).  They didn't have a B division.  So this is a playoff of those teams that didn't make the A division playoffs.  It's is sort of like those teams who play in Oakland are the NCAA and these are the final four of the NIT."

Our Goalies were on for the weekend.  Justin KleinSmid had two shut outs against Roseville and Connor Lung had a shut out in the game against Stockton.  Justin only gave up one goal in our game against Oakland.  Cougar goalies definitely ruled!

Our Friday evening game against Roseville was a 4-0 victory with goals by Captain Maxx Marlinski, Ryan Tjan (unassisted), EJ Gann (unassisted), and Taylor Lynch.  Assists by Alex Kelson, Alex Boesch, and Alfredo Bedolla kept our scoring drive alive.  Penalties were handed out right and left with our team sitting in the box 11 times and Roseville 17 times.  Shots on goal were 20 Cougars, 19 Capital Thunder.

Our second game against Oakland on Saturday afternoon was a 3-1 victory.  Goals by Alex Kelson, Nate Atangan, and Taylor Lynch with assists by Brian Gebler, Alex Boesch, and Alex Kelson.  Penalties were shared equally by both teams.  Cougars had 9 and Oakland had 12.  Cougars and Oakland had 20 shots on goal each.

Connor Lung was in goal for our Saturday night game against Stockton.  It was a solid well-played game but clearly in the Cougars favor.  The Cougars won 5-0.  Goals were made by Alex Kelson, Vince Zegarski, Brian Gebler, Benny Gerard, and Ryan Tjan.  Those who assisted were EJ Gann, Maxx Marlinski, Alex Kelson, Alfredo Bedolla, and Duncan Harrison.  Cougars served two minutes in the penalty box and Stockton had 6 penalties.  Shots on goal were uneven with Cougars 54 shots on goal against the Colts 7.

The Championship Sunday morning against Roseville was a hard fought battle between two teams who have a great deal of respect for each other.  Neither team was going to be a pushover.  The only goal was made by Cougar EJ Gann with assists from Defensemen line Maxx Marlinski and Alex Boesch in the second period.  Cougars served up 25 shots on goal to the Thunder's 11.

We wish our Bantam A and Midget 18 teams the best of luck at NORCAL and hope they make it to the CAHA finals at Logitech!

Thank you to all parents, players, and coaches who made this an exciting 06-07 season.  Have a safe and restful break before tryouts for next season begin!


Midget 16A Final 2006/07 Standings
Team W L T Pts Gm Pct
cx-Tri-Valley Blue Devils 14 1 1 29 16 .906 
x-San Jose Jr. Sharks 11 2 3 25 16 .781 
bx-Vacaville Jets 12 4 0 24 16 .750 
x-Santa Clara Blackhawks 9 5 2 20 16 .625 
zy-California Cougars 8 7 1 17 16 .531 
y-Capital Thunder 7 8 1 15 16 .469 
y-Oakland Bears 3 13 0 6 16 .188 
y-Stockton Colts 2 14 0 4 16 .125 
Lake Tahoe Grizzlies 2 14 0 4 16 .125 
a - CAHA Champions
b - NORCAL Champions / Qualified for CAHA
c - Qualified for CAHA Championships
x - Qualified for NORCAL Championships
z - NORCAL Consolation Champions
y - Qualified for NORCAL Consolation

Tuesday at Bridgepointe
7:15 PM to 8:15 PM

Thursday at Bridgepointe
9:15 PM to 10:15 PM
(with Midget 18A team)

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