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Team Contacts
Head Coach:
  Jeff Moon
Assistant Coach:
  Nick Matzke
Team Manager:
  Susan DeLance
Web Page:


    Season Completed

 Recent Games        (Click on icons for info or photos)
Date vs. Result  
03/19 Tri-Valley Blue Devils
Championship Game
L 1-0
03/18 San Jose Jr. Sharks A2 W 2-1
03/18 Tri-Valley Blue Devils L 3-2
03/17 Capital Thunder A2 W 7-3
For complete team record, see Record page

Season Ends With Overtime Loss in Championship Game

March 19

The Cougars Midget 16A season ended with an overtime loss to the Tri-Valley Blue Devils in the Midget 16B NORCAL Championship Game.  It was a great playoff run by the team to make it to the Championship game.

The final standings for the season and the team's practice schedule is listed below.

16A Divisions Set

October 29
The Midget 16A division for the NORCAL 2005/06 season has been separated into two sub-divsions.  Initially the sub-divisions are being called "Y" and "Z".  See below the standings listed on this page for how this will work for the season and how teams are selected for the playoffs.

Here's the two sub-divisions:

"Y" Division:
     Capital Thunder A2
     California Cougars
     Santa Clara Blackhawks
     San Jose Jr. Sharks A1
     Stockton Colts

"Z" Division:
     California North Stars
     Capital Thunder A1
     Oakland Bears
     San Francisco Sabercats
     San Jose Jr. Sharks A2
     Tri-Valley Blue Devils

Midget 16A Final 2005/06 Standings
[Div] Team W L T Pts Gm Pct
a-[Y] San Jose Jr. Sharks A1 13 1 0 26 14 .929 
dca-[Z] Capital Thunder A1 13 2 0 26 15 .867 
a-[Y] Santa Clara Blackhawks 12 2 0 24 14 .857 
a-[Z] CA North Stars 10 4 1 21 15 .700 
cb-[Z] Tri-Valley Blue Devils 7 6 2 16 15 .533 
b-[Y] Capital Thunder A2 6 7 1 13 14 .464 
b-[Y] California Cougars 5 7 2 12 14 .429 
b-[Z] San Jose Jr. Sharks A2 5 9 1 11 15 .367 
[Z] Oakland Bears 3 11 1 7 15 .233 
[Y] Stockton Colts 1 13 0 2 14 .071 
[Z] San Francisco Sabercats 1 14 0 2 15 .067 
a - Qualified for NORCAL 16A Championships
b - Qualified for NORCAL 16B Championships
c - NORCAL Champions
d - CAHA Champions
The Y division plays 2 rounds within its division (8 games), 1 round with the Z division (6 games), and will play 2 additional preseason games.

The Z division plays 2 rounds within its division (10 games), 1 round with the Y division (5 games), and will play 1 additional preseason game.

The teams will be ranked together based on won/loss percentage (not points since some teams are playing 14 and others are playing 15). The top-ranking team from each division will advance to playoffs, and the next two highest-ranked teams based on Win-Loss Percentage will get the other two playoff spots.

Tuesday at Bridgepointe
6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Thursdays at Bridgepointe
9:15 PM to 10:15 PM
(combined with Midget 18A team)

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