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2018/19 Season

2018/19   Program Structure
Updated September 9, 2018

Same as in past years, all AA Teams will play as Golden State Elite Hockey

The 2018/19 CAHA Tier II Weekend Schedule is posted on CAHA Tier II Weekends

  12U AA 14U AA 16U AA 18U AA
Oct. 5-7 Valencia Lakewood Vacaville Sharks Ice
Nov. 9-11 Riverside Vacaville Lakewood Valencia
Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 Lakewood Valencia Vacaville
Jan. 4-6 Riverside Valencia Lakewood Escondido
Feb. 1-3 Vacaville Irvine Sharks Ice Lakewood
Feb. 22 - Feb. 24 (Playdowns) Vacaville Vacaville Simi Valley Simi Valley

The California Cougars Hockey program will continue to support teams at A and B levels.

Listed below are the teams for the 2018/19 season.
2018/19 California Cougars Program Structure
Teams Birth Years # of Teams Levels Coaches
8U 2010 & younger 1 B Darren Attebery
10U 2008-09 1 TBD Justin Hubert
12U 2006-07 2 TBD Mario Morrissette
TBD Connor Fenech
14U 2004-05 2 TBD Kevin Nathan
TBD Chris Hathaway

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