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The Cougars are a rink-run organization.  Ice Center Enterprises runs the Ice Center of Cupertino (Vallco).
Mailing Address:
  Ice Center Cougars
10123 N. Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA  95014
 Position  Contact  E-Mail
 President  Chris Hathaway
 Ice Center
 General Manager
 Mike Benesh  
 Registrar  Teresa Attebery  
 Ice Scheduler  Chris Hathaway
 Webmaster  Dalia Geller  
2016/17 Tier Team Contacts
 Pee Wee AA
   Head Coach
   Team Managers
 Gregg Rodriguez
 Julie Behn
 Mark Behn
 Bantam AA
   Head Coach
   Team Manager
 Mario Morrissette
 Yolanda Kowalewski
 Midget (01) AAA
   Head Coach
   Team Manager
 Mario Morrissette
 Romy Agustin-Garcia
 Midget 16AA
   Head Coach
   Team Manager
 Chris Hathaway
 Midget 18AA
   Head Coach
   Team Manager
 Mike Holmes
 Mike Chaple
2016/17 Travel Team Contacts
   Head Coach
   Team Manager
 Darren Attebery
 Carey Trost
   Head Coach
   Team Managers
 Kyle Richardson
 Inna Vogel
 Linda Salverson
 Pee Wee
   Head Coach
   Team Managers
 Chris Benoit
 Toni Manta
 Rachel Hanson
   Head Coach
   Team Managers
 Kevin Nathan
 Eugene Gershtein
 Chris Gershtein
 High School
   Head Coach
   Team Manager    
 Vince Kilduff
 Jim Winchester  
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