California Cougars 4, TriValley 3

February 24

The Cougars won a hard fought and exciting game this evening against the TriValley Blue Devils. Garan put the first point on the board and the Cougars ended the first period 1-0. In the second period, the Blue Devils came back to score, which was quickly answered by Tyler scoring. Then Garan scored again with an assist by Thomas and Brendan M. The Blue Devils came back to tie it by scoring twice. The Cougars took the lead and kept the lead by Brendan M scoring a beautiful shot with an assist by Garan and Dustin, ending the second period 4-3. Conner, Alex, and Dustin along with David, helped to shut down TriValley in the third period. Joey almost scored on empty net in the third period but a penalty was called just before the score. Mario also helped on offense and Jacob played hard the first part of the game.

Kern was there with his broken thumb cheering the team on.