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2006/07 Midget 16AA Team Roster

Assistants:  TOM BAN, DOUG LUNG

#   Player Born   Position
2 GEE, Matthew May-90  Defense
5 GAGLIARDI, Marco Oct-91  Forward
6 PELZNER, Sam Mar-91  Forward
7 PAULIDES, Ben Aug-91  Defense
9 DONATO, Ryan Aug-90  Forward
11 SAWHILL, Eric Feb-91  Defense
19 NIDAY, Ricky Aug-90  Forward
22 GROPP, Jared Jun-91  Forward
25 METHOT, Jason Feb-91  Forward
26 MIRAGLIA, Sam Oct-91  Forward
32 RETANA, Mario Feb-90  Goalie
33 CARRUTHERS, Matt Mar-90  Goalie
42 FRAGOZA, Jordan May-90  Defense
54 SOLORZANO, Mico Nov-91  Defense
55 KURTELA, Brennan Dec-91  Forward
79 GRZANOWSKI, Stephen Jan-92  Defense
89 LUNG, Ryan Jun-91  Forward
91 BARRANCO, Salvatore Oct-90  Forward
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