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2020-21 Season   Cougars Digital Tryout Registration and Information
Updated November 22, 2020

Please complete the Google Forms 2020-21 Season Cougars Tryouts Registration Form here.

Thank you for your patience during these volatile and unfortunate times. We appreciate all of the support and trust from our skating community as we continue to navigate the waters.

Digital Tryout Registration is now open. We will do our best to accommodate as many players as possible under County Guidelines and league rules. Keeping in mind those restrictions we want to be as transparent as possible on the upcoming process.

Returning players, in addition to registrants for the PDP Camps, will be given some priority. To be clear this does not mean priority for a higher-level team ("A" vs. "B"), it just means we will do everything we can to get you on a team for this season.

If our club is your first choice let us know, we truly appreciate the consideration and hope to find spots for everyone. On the flip-side if you are registering just to register, please don't.

Coaches will base their decisions on their knowledge of players from one-on-one experience in clinics, coaching players on prior teams, scouting players within NORCAL, and gathering information from other coaches.

For those of you that want to get in front of our coaches before the digitial signing date, there are some pre-tryout camps that will be made available (space permitting) to players that have registered for Cougars Tryouts. Registered players will be contacted about these camps, so sign up early. Registered players will be offered slots in the pre-tryout camps before being offered to the general public. These camps will start filling on 11/28/2020, so be sure to register here before then.

The Cougars Pre-Tryout Camp will be from 12/7-12/9 for $129. Attendance is NOT required but we will try and accommodate as many players as possible. Times for the camp will be the same as the PDP Camp Schedule (posted on main-page).

Dues for the season will be $3000. Monthly payment plan only. In the event County Guidelines will not allow for the regular season Day Camps to proceed, payments will be placed on hold as we pause the season.

Each team will get two weekday and one weekend on ice session from January 4 th through Mid-May. Once games start the weekend practice slots may turn into game slots when needed. The dues are based on the practice only format. The cost for refs, officials and coaches travel will come from the team fund if/when applicable.
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