Polar Ice Thanksgiving Shootout
Division Midget U18(Major) AA
Date Nov 22 2007 - 10:00AM
Rink Chandler - NorthPole
Home Team Phoenix Polar Bears 18AA
Away Team California Cougars 18A
Scoring By Period   Scoring By Player
Period 1  2  3 Final
Phoenix Polar Bears 18AA0145
California Cougars 18A0202
PeriodTeam NameScored ByAssist #1Assist #2
2California Cougars81 - Hurley14 - Bevens 
2California Cougars77 - Niday  
2Phoenix Polar Bears18 - Krieg19 - Oskroba 
3Phoenix Polar Bears25 - Killian15 - Dornbier 
3Phoenix Polar Bears27 - Hansen21 - Dustin 
3Phoenix Polar Bears89 - Cobb21 - Dustin 
3Phoenix Polar Bears25 - Killian  
Penalty Minutes By Period   Penalties By Player
Period 1  2  3 Final
Phoenix Polar Bears 18AA---20
California Cougars 18A---18
PeriodTeam NameCommitted ByPenalty TypeMin
 (Penalty details not provided)

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